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BIG7 Coupon

What does the BIG7 coupon offer you?

After the 5 EUR initial top-up – using one of the standard cards or by telephone call – you will receive a bonus of 15 EUR as a customer. To activate this BIG7 coupon, you have to enter the code 15EURO and then begin your erotic journey of discovery. The visitor can also benefit from a Quicky Bonus of 5 EUR, if he becomes active within the first 24 hours, after registering on the portal. A generous offer! With the horny girls on BIG7, you are faced with the difficulty of choosing between many great and friendly chat partners, every man will find what he is looking for. Enjoy the asses of racy girls and the breasts of mature women as you like. You can control the conversation and wish what you want to see from the amateur. Men who need guidance,

Erotic chat with a neighbour

Each model on BIG7 will be briefly introduced with a photo and a bio, and will greet you after selecting, depending on your attractive words. The selection of the preferred chat partner is facilitated by a search filter. The portal visitor can provide his own profile and decide on his own visibility. The ladies respond to many requests in the chat and encourage sexual openness. If you like, you can be guided by a female initiative. Discreet meetings with women from the neighborhood are possible with understanding and agreement. BIG7 offers accurate search, which facilitates contacts for a certain search area. Also, a vacation stay, or a business trip can be enriched by erotic planning. Most amateurs on BIG7 come from Germany, others from Austria and Switzerland.

Best price/performance ratio

You can view free images and video teasers on the homepage. Hot flirts in the chat and watching amateur videos will be charged. The extent of the use on BIG7 is exclusively determined by the visitor of the platform. The BIG7 coupon for new visitors promotes access and allows an overview of what is offered. The price model takes the rights of the users into consideration in an exemplary way: there are no fixed costs and subscription fees. In order to be able to use paid offers, credit must first be deposited in the prepaid system. As a user, you therefore always have certainty and control over the expenses incurred, so that you won’t be caught up by unexpected expenses. Card payments are shown neutrally in the invoice and without reference to an erotic portal. Confidentiality is a top priority at BIG7!

Good to know

The first access to the portal requires the specification of a mailing address and a password. In order to use the BIG7 offer, a registration with age specification is required so as to protect minors. When you like a model, arrangements for a personal meeting and the participation in a video shoot are possible. It is free to join the ranks of amateurs and earn money with it. BIG7 has an SSL certificate, with which all data is encrypted. You can receive it without any problems on mobile devices. The boring waiting times in traffic jams or the preparation for a date can be easily overcome. In an independent comparison with other erotic portals in June 2018, BIG7 had an excellent result. In addition to the wide range of offers, the high price transparency without cost traps and the discreet access to a large erotic amateur community, contributed to this. The AGBs and data security explanations are easy to find and accessible. For all these performances, BIG7 repeatedly received the Venus Award for the best amateur community, the coveted Oscar of the erotic industry, and was granted various seals of approval. Most of our amateur cams broadcast in HD quality.




Anja Willes

Why BIG7?
  • 100% free & easy registration
  • no subscription
  • no automatic charging
  • Numerous German and international amateurs
  • Live HD cams, videos and pictures
  • Sex meetings with the amateurs
  • exclusive BIG7 coupon!

What does BIG7 offer you?

On the erotic portal BIG7 you’ll find a lot of female amateur models, who present themselves in front of webcams and videos and with whom you can chat openly in live chat. The girls and women on BIG7 are not professional porn actresses, but amateurs who enjoy sex and are looking for new contacts. Most of them live out their showmanship or their fetish with a hot number. By offering and selling videos they can combine the pleasantness of the shooting phases with the benefits of an additional income. Fortunately, today’s technology and social media offer these new contact possibilities that our parents couldn’t even dream of. In order to facilitate the entrance, each new visitor of this portal receives after the first deposit of 5 EUR, a BIG7 coupon 15-Euro gift.

Easy navigation

The website of BIG7 is user-friendly. You can select by category in the drop-down list at the top of the screen:

  • Now live: Cam Girls that are currently available are displayed with their photo, nickname and age.
  • New videos: recent productions with amateur models – Video Charts: Selection sorted by 178 categories
  • Top amateurs: Overview of all models as well as a separate advertisement depending on the availability of the cam and video.
  • Timeline: the latest posts with photos, as well as options for new videos, new amateurs and new profile photos/videos
  • BDSM: Selection for harder sex games


The available credit will be displayed in the selection list, thus ensuring cost transparency at all times. Under my BIG7 you can select the amateurs you want to receive free update information about in your personal settings.

Videos till the end

The videos are in clear HD quality, no blurry videos are offered. All productions are checked for original amateur status before being put on the air; fake and professional products are sorted out. With 178 categories and thousands of videos on offer, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Small selection with categories:

  • Anal sex: pleasant sensation through the back door
  • Blowjob: pampering the best part of a man
  • Dildos/Vibrator: Sex Toys of all kinds for lonely and shared sexual desire
  • Fetish: Dominance, Feet and Role Playing – Group sex: the joys of herd fucking
  • Lesbian scenes: erotic games between women
  • Spanner/Voyeur: exciting entertainment for shy epicures


Everything is offered: whether traditional positions of the union, oral pampering methods like blowing, 69 and acrobatic, more unusual preferences. Any amateur can upload and offer personal videos, the platform offers amateur sex from next door. The contact person could be living in the neighboring house or working in the same company. Whether a young student, a mature housewife, they are all present with devotion and not stingy with their charms. They also want to secure a small additional income for themselves. The BIG7 coupon comes as called! The video selection shows the price, which is subtracted from your assets (between 2 – 9 EUR). You can look at the bought videos at any time and without restrictions (category “bought videos”).

Advantages and disadvantages of

Your visit to BIG7 is worth it. The sight of naked femininity makes the cock stiff and the models willingly respond to your erotic fantasies. The stimulating chat with your favorite girls brings variety into your everyday life and will give you a lot of relaxing moments. Get the BIG7 coupon and get to know the models! Watch and comment how women get between their legs and horny fingers their pussy: Men’s dreams come true. Young and mature semesters present their uninhibited female curves: Breasts and buttocks at a glance. This may be too much to be good. Like in the forest, where you can’t see a single tree out of the many trees. The many pictures at the side edges can be distracting from the main menu, where you can switch the videos to full screen. It depends on the selection and perspective, which depend on you. For biological purposes, males and females are divided into an inquiring and an offering side. Men as spectators, women as actresses: this classical division of roles also exists in BIG7. Registrations of women looking for a sex contact are welcome. Manche Eva has gotten a taste of it and has created her own websites and videos. It is important to know that BIG7 is not a classic dating platform. The people who are here are more interested in sexual variety and adventure. In permissive meetings mutual needs are dealt with. If a relationship develops from an acquaintance, it is beautiful for those concerned, however, it should probably be an exception.


  • Large selection of German and international amateurs
  • 100% free, easy registration with a BIG7 coupon
  • No subscription, no automatic recharge
  • Numerous pictures, videos and live camshows
  • Private show of amateurs in HD
  • Real sex meetings with amateurs are possible



  • No classic dating platform
  • Danger of addiction(!)

Known amateurs on BIG7

On the portal all amateurs have the same starting position and must gain their place in the interactive erotic community by themselves. As with every field of subscribers, there are certain rankings over time, which are determined by demand. Those who receive a great deal of demand from visitors can build up a regular clientele and move up to the status of a well-known actress. This is associated with greater income and personal satisfaction. Such amateurs have found their place: – – Tight Tini: this 29-year-old wildcat has numerous Dirty Talk clips on offer in which she doesn’t mince her words. She calls things with their common names, penis and pussy become p***s and p***y. On request, she will make personalized movies in which your name will be mentioned. With the BIG7 coupon you can contact her via Live Chat. –

  • The Parkplatzluder19 is not only to be found at the parking space, where good contact possibilities exist. She travels a lot by car, so there are parking lots for uncomplicated meetings and quickies. A mobile girl who can be found on different routes. 
  • The student MayaMaibach knows what she wants. She loves role-playing in front of the cam and is available for exclusive performances. She waits for your wishes and puts them into scene. Who can remain limp when she caresses her pussy and holds her buttocks into the camera? 
  • Sandy226 lets go of all inhibitions during sex and shamelessly gives in. Those who are friendly with her in private chat have a good chance on a hot date. Like all models, she is interested in building up regular visitors and is not averse to penetration through the back gate. 
  • The experienced SexySahra (40) makes it herself in between and drives it with a doll, if no pricker is available. She loves the horny chat traffic and has helped many contacts to fire. 

My personal experience report on BIG7

My personal impression about this erotic portal has been positive throughout, competitors still have a lot to learn. The advertising doesn’t promise too much. The attractive women are friendly and freely deal with facts, on BIG7 there is nothing to hide. After registering and redeeming the BIG7 coupon, I went on a voyage of discovery. I quickly found the right tone for those girls, who lured me out of my reserve with their inviting behaviour and turned me on. The view of shaved pussy from young and mature women is very stimulating, as well as the presentation of the female backsides. Shortly after, a few favourites were identified, from whom I receive automatic updates as soon as they uploaded new posts. The BIG7 coupon was the key to an exciting world! The highlight of my BIG7 experience so far was a personal meeting with a student who invited me to her place after a stimulating chat conversation. With tense feelings I visited the Dirndl in her student booth, where after a short warm-up phase we soon cavorted naked on the bed and wedged into each other. The little butterfly on her left buttock caught my eye in the chat, I liked the tattoo even better when I had it in front of me. Having sex with this girl was great and flattered my masculinity; with a lust for wool I put my stamp on the young flower and later gave her a small gift as a token of appreciation. Hopefully the ride with this Amazon will be repeated soon. As I understood from her, occasional visits of friendly chat partners are a welcome change in the dust-dry study of philosophy. She is not an isolated case, as she told me. Today I tap myself on the shoulders, telling myself that with the BIG7 coupon I have made it to the erotic paradise. You will not regret this step.

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